Everything you need, from start to finish, to become a successful systematic breakout trader...

...using the same techniques 100's of traders have already used, even to launch their own hedge funds.

The 'Breakout Strategies Masterclass' will teach you the proven 8-step process to building profitable breakout strategies, including the ultimate 'Breakout Smart Code', time-saving breakout tools, a proven strategy creation process and advanced robustness testing techniques to build breakout strategies that actually work in live trading.

This is what students are saying about the Breakout Masterclass:

“I took the Masterclass in the second half of 2017 and my results have improved substantially." 

-Bruno, United States Breakout Masterclass Student

...it’s a quite unique way in developing strategies.” 

-Patrick Dütsch, Switzerland Breakout Masterclass Student  

“...I wished I had that at the beginning of my trading adventure."

-Thomas, New Zealand Breakout Masterclass Student

I’m very, very thankful to you and Tomas, this is very good work.” 

-Maxim Schulz, 3rd place in World Cup Trading Championship 2017 Breakout Masterclass Student

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