...using the same techniques 100's of traders have already used, even to launch their own hedge funds.


Breakout trading is one of the most popular styles of trading amongst traders. 

When it's done in the right way, it can be very profitable.

But many traders fail to build breakout strategies that actually work. 

Where do they go wrong? 

And how can you build profitable breakout trading strategies that actually work?

Meet Tomas Nesnidal - your breakout trading specialist

Tomas Nesnidal is a breakout trading specialist.

He's launched his own Hedge Fund based on breakout trading techniques. 

Plus, he's taught 100's of students in the Czech Republic to build profitable and robust breakout strategies too.

In fact, some of his students have even taken these techniques to launch their own hedge funds!

Now Tomas is ready to share these techniques with you, in this exclusive "Breakout Strategies Masterclass":

In the 'Breakout Strategies Masterclass' you'll discover 8-steps to building profitable breakout strategies:

Module #1: PREPARE - Everything you need to prepare for Breakout strategies development

  • The software used to develop hundreds of breakout strategies and why you’ll be using it in this course as well, 
  • What hardware and data you actually need to build robust breakout strategies, 
  • Which markets are the best for breakout strategies. Some are difficult, so we'll tell you which markets to target for quick results
  • The best timeframes for breakout strategies so you can pick the best option for you.

Module #2: PROTOTYPE - Generate an endless number of strategy candidates with no effort

  • How to automate the design and prototype process. Create loads of breakout strategies quick and easy,
  • Introduction to the proprietary BOS Smart Code. This will help you create an endless number of trading strategies in many markets,
  • A step-by-step demonstration of the BOS Smart Code. Generate breakout strategy candidates in 5 minutes! 

Module #3: SELECT - Selecting the best strategy candidates using the BOS Tool  

  • How to choose the best breakout strategy candidates for further testing,
  • Introduction to the exclusive BOS Tool. Choose the best strategy candidates with the click of a button,
  • How to “Strip” the BOS Smart Code with the BOS Tool. Produce the full, final strategy code without even touching a piece of code,
  • How to fine-tune the D&P process to get more of the strategy candidates you want.  

Module #4: PRE-VALIDATE - Finding the best strategy candidates with true potential  

  • How to identify which strategy candidates have the most potential. These ones are ready for further robustness testing,
  • How to use the BOS Tool to decide which strategy candidates pass the pre-validation step,
  • A step-by-step demonstration of the entire pre-validation process so you can follow along

Module #5: VALIDATE - Extensive robustness testing using a new, proprietary technique

  • The proprietary 'Ring Analysis' technique to identifying true levels of robustness,
  • Using the BOS Tool to find which strategy candidates pass the validation step,
  • A step-by-step demonstration of the entire validation process so you can follow along

Module #6: STRESS-TEST & FINALIZE - Final robustness testing & completion of successful trading strategies 

  • How to use 'Stress-testing' to identify the best of the best strategies,
  • Using MAE Analysis to determine the appropriate stop-loss for a breakout strategy. No more 'guess and test',
  • A step-by-step demonstration of the stress-test & finalization processes so you can follow along.

Module #7: QUALIFY & CAPITALIZE - Find the best strategies to start trading

  • How to pick the most appropriate strategies (from many) to add to your trading account,
  • How to build a portfolio of strategies and set the right level of capitalization. Don't blow up your account because it's too small,
  • A step-by-step demonstration of the capitalization process so you can follow along

Module #8: TRADE - Everything you need to know to start trading your best strategies live

  • When and how to keep your strategies fresh and up to date with regular reoptimization,
  • How to manage your strategies and portfolio quick and easy,
  • Everything you need to start trading your new breakout strategies with real money,
  • A step-by-step demonstration of the entire reoptimization process so you can follow along

When you request access to the 'Breakout Strategies Masterclass', here's what you'll get:

  • 100% online trading program, 
  • 8 practical modules taking you step-by-step from introduction to implementation, 
  • Downloadable MP3 audio, transcripts, and slides for every lesson, 
  • Case studies, reports, cheat-sheets and strategy code. Save valuable time and effort so you can start using it in your own trading right away.

Plus, if you join the 'Breakout Strategies Masterclass' right now, you get FREE bonuses worth up to $32,883:

FREE Bonus #1: The 'BOS Tool' software (997 USD value)

It can take alot of time to create and assess hundreds of breakout trading strategies. Even with the automated processes we share with you in the Masterclass.

Wouldn’t it be better to spend your time doing activities you love to do, instead of sitting in front of the computer 24/7? 

Of course it would. That's why we've included another exclusive tool in the Breakout Strategies Masterclass. 

It's called the 'BOS Tool'.

The BOS Tool automates the most intensive steps in the process. You can get alot of the tasks done with the click of a button instead of wasting hours doing it by hand. 

Here are some of the functions the BOS Tool can do for you:

  • Design & Prototype - Select the best Design & Prototype candidates with the click of a button. No need to analyze the results of hundreds (or even thousands) of breakout strategies by hand,
  • Validation - Assess the results of the very tough Validation step and give you the final PASS or FAIL in a flash,
  • Code stripping - Generate clean strategy code from the BOS Smart Code. This could be a real pain if you had to go through hundreds of lines of code by hand. It's all automated for you with the BOS Tool,
  • Produce Easy Language code with Out-Of-Sample compiled equity. Insert your strategy onto the chart and see only the OOS Walk Forward intervals.  

This BOS Tool took almost a year to develop, test and fine-tune, but... 

...it's going to make your trading life so much easier. It'll save you hundreds or even thousands of hours of time and effort. Spend more time doing the things you love!

Plus, you get lifetime access and all future updates are FREE!

FREE Bonus #2: The 'BOS Smart Code' (2,028 USD value)

The 'BOS Smart Code' is the key to automated strategy development. 

It's loaded with the best conditions and filters to create breakout strategies fast. All you have to do is configure the settings and let your computer do the hard work.  

Plus, it includes extra functionality not seen anywhere else, including:  

  • 12 Points of Initiation - 3 categories for broad or laser-targeted testing (39 USD value each),
  • 40 highly-effective Filters - 5 categories for broad or laser-targeted testing (39 USD value each),
  • Multiple timeframes - this can have a huge impact on breakout strategy performance,
  • Special T-segment and F-segment concepts - leverage Time and Space with dramatic results,
  • 516 lines of open EasyLanguage code, written by a professional coder,
  • Works for both Daytrading and Swing strategies.  

Many of the ideas in the 'BOS Smart Code' are proprietary, original ideas from Tomas' own Hedge Fund. You won't find them anywhere else.

The Smart Code is completely open and full extendible too.

With the 'BOS Smart Code', you can be generating breakout trading strategies in minutes!

FREE Bonus #3.1: 'Maximizing the potential of breakout strategies' (800 USD value)

One of the biggest challenges with trading strategies is their lifespan. 

Over time they lose their efficiency. Sometimes they completely fail.

In this advanced coaching session, Tomas shares proprietary research from his hedge fund. This exclusive research will help maximise your strategies, and reduce the failure rate.

FREE Bonus #3.2: 'How to get more efficient results with the BOS Smart Code and D&Ps' (800 USD value)

In this advanced coaching session, Tomas shares a 6-step process for faster results. This is the same process he uses in his own hedge fund.  

After this advanced coaching session, you will be able to get results even faster and in more markets.  

FREE Bonus #3.3: 'How to boost the performance of breakout strategies using “time-templates”' (800 USD value)

There are some little known ‘secrets’ for boosting the performance of breakout strategies. These 'secrets' are often hidden from the majority of traders. But they're used to shocking effect by experienced traders “in the know”. 

In this coaching session, you’ll discover this performance-boosting secret and how to implement it into your breakout strategies fast and easy.  

FREE Bonus #3.4: '4 Powerful Ways to Smash Through False Breakouts' (800 USD value)

One of the most common concerns of breakout traders are false breakouts. They can be painful, causing a string of losses.

In this coaching call recording, Tomas will share with you:

  • 4 powerful ways to deal with false breakouts (fakeouts),
  • Exact, actionable steps for very fast results,
  • 5 open, downloadable code examples you can use in your trading strategies right away. 

FREE Bonus #3.5: ‘Success case study: How Andrew created 700+ breakout strategies using the Masterclass framework’ (800 USD value)

The best way to prove the Breakout Masterclass process is through real life case studies. In this coaching call recording Andrew, will share with you:

  • How he created 700+ breakout trading strategies using the Masterclass process,
  • A walk-through of some of his top strategies,
  • Which breakout components and timeframes have been working best and in which markets,
  • How he automated the entire Masterclass process. Now he builds strategies while he sleeps! 

FREE Bonus #3.6: ‘The math behind successful Breakout Trading for sustained performance’ (800 USD value) 

After all the great breakout tricks, tips, hacks, and techniques you’ve learnt, it’s time to get back to basics! In this coaching session, Tomas explains important fundamentals to long-term trading success, including: 

  • Probabilities - the way to make money in trading,
  • The importance and effect of Risk-To-Reward Ratio,
  • The impact of correlations on profit distributions.  

You'll also receive a handy Excel spreadsheet in this coaching session.

FREE Bonus #3.7: ‘10 Key Takeaways From Running a Hedge Fund’ (800 USD value) 

In this coaching call, you’ll get the unique opportunity to look behind the scenes at Tomas’s private hedge fund. Learn from the biggest lessons he's had to face building his hedge fund, so you can achieve success a lot faster, including:

  • The 2 biggest mistakes Tomas has faced while building his hedge fund, so you don’t have too,
  • The importance of volatility in breakout trading and how it can help you beat the markets, 
  • The ups and downs of breakout trading and how to handle them,
  • And finally, how you can become better than many hedge fund managers out there! 

FREE Bonus #3.8: ‘Methods for Enhancing Strategy Average Trade’ (800 USD value) 

In this coaching call, you’ll have the unique opportunity to learn from a passionate trader who started as a BTA student, currently with more than 70 robust strategies. Alan will generously share some of the great techniques he has used to increase the Average Trade of his strategies.

In this session, you’ll discover: 

  • Alan’s best tips and tricks for increasing Average Trade,
  • The two types of curve-fitting you should know about and what you should and should not be doing,
  • How you can enhance Dynamic Position Sizing using a fairly simple time concept,
  • The hidden gems behind Trading Market Internals, Smashing False Breakouts and Dynamic Position Sizing Courses,
  • Plus, a free gift from Alan - one of his robust breakout strategies. 

FREE Bonus #3.9 (upcoming): ‘How to extend the BOS Smart Code quick and easy’ (800 USD value)

In this session, Tomas shares the best way to extend the Smart Code. With these tips, you could create unlimited possibilities beyond your imagination, including:

  • How to get new, fresh trading ideas,
  • The easiest way to add new ideas into the ‘BOS Smart Code’,
  • How to structure the ‘BOS Smart Code’ with your new ideas,
  • Potential pitfalls to avoid when implementing new trading logic and ideas.  

FREE Bonus #3.10 (upcoming): ‘How to slash drawdowns with Market Internals and the BOS framework’ (800 USD value)  

In this coaching session, Tomas will show you one of his favourite ways to reduce drawdown. He'll take an existing strategy and apply Market Internals to slash the drawdown, step-by-step, including:

  • Make your best breakout trading strategies even better,
  • Crush drawdowns of your trading strategies while also improving their quality and performance,
  • Apply this unfair trading advantage that few traders actually know how to use.  

Goodbye nasty drawdowns!

FREE Bonus #4: Lifetime Access to the private ‘Breakout Masterclass Community Forum’ (997 USD value) 

Trading can be a lonely business.  

Imagine if you could be part of an inspiring, positive community, all sharing the same goal.

With lifetime access to the exclusive Private Community Forum, you’ll never be alone on your Breakout Masterclass journey.  

We created this community forum for you, with these exclusive benefits:  

  • A trained support team to help you on your way to trading success,
  • More practical tips and posts from breakout trading experts. Keep learning faster,
  • Shared ideas and strategy codes, exclusive to the community, so you all can grow together,
  • Inspiration and motivation from the breakout results of community members. Stay ignited and moving forward, 
  • A fun place to hang out, unwind and have a laugh (check out the ‘Friday Funnies’ section of the forum)!  

Master your breakout trading in a fun, safe and social community with other traders. 

FREE Bonus #5: Market Internals Quick Start Course (397 USD value)

With this bonus, you will discover a new approach that can help you to get even better trading results - fast.

Here is what you’ll find in the ‘Market Internals Quick Start’ course:  

  • Introduction to Market Internals. What it is and how it can boost the performance of your trading strategies fast.  
  • Market Internals case studies. See what Market Internals can achieve by comparing BEFORE vs AFTER results. 
  • Mini “Smart Code” (EasyLanguage and pdf formats). Start testing Market Internals with your strategies right away. Plug-in your strategy and go!
  • “How to apply the Mini Smart Code to your trading strategies” instructional video. An exact step-by-step explanation, so you can begin testing fast.  
  • Recorded Q&A session with a step-by-step example of a Market Internals application. This session also includes some extra questions and answers on Market Internals implementation. 

Bonus #6: ‘Trading Market Internals’ program (1,997 USD value)  

(*with ELITE package only)  

The Trading Market Internals program is the first Market Internals course backed by quantifiable research AND live trading. It is a step-by-step program shows you how to smartly adapt to different market conditions, increase profits and reduce drawdowns.

Max Schulz, the 3rd place in the 2017 World Cup Trading Championship, with a fantastic return of +112% return, used this program during the championship. And he confessed to us several times, it helped him tremendously to his victory.  

Now, it can help you too.

Here's an example what the ‘Trading Market Internals’ program can do…  

Performance results provided courtesy of TradeStation® Technologies, Inc. This case study was completed in less than 20 minutes, without any curvefitting.

In the Trading Market Internals course, you'll discover:  

  • How to dramatically slash drawdowns of your trading strategies. 
  • How to be better prepared for a financial crisis and bear markets
  • How you can significantly improve the performance of existing trading strategies. (It’s not as tough as you think and it’s smarter and safer than overoptimization)!  
  • The secret techniques to creating strategies that adapt to changing market conditions.  

The program comes with an exclusive ‘Trading Market Internals Smart Code’:  

  • 32 original, proven, powerful Market Internals conditions from Tomas's own portfolio, 
  • 646 lines of fully tested code. Created by a professional programmer (EasyLanguage code for TradeStation and MultiCharts),
  • 13 Market Internals TICK techniques,
  • 11 Market Internals UVOL-DVOL techniques,
  • 8 VIX technique,
  • 4 unique application settings. Combine these with the 32 Market Internals conditions for over 100+ different combinations! 

Bonus #7: ‘Dynamic Position Sizing’ program (997 USD value)

(*with ELITE package only)

Dynamic Position Sizing is possibly the biggest trading breakthrough I've ever had, and it could be a complete game-changer for you too!  

Imagine this: You’ve just built a fabulous, robust trading strategy. And your backtest report says your new strategy has a 58.3% win rate. But here’s the question: 

Are all those trading signals truly equal? 

In other words, do you have that same 58.3% chance of success with each new entry? 

The answer is… not at all! The truth is, that your probability of win will always fluctuate. Today, it could be as low as 38%. (And it can be a pretty frustrating trading day). Tomorrow it could be as high as 68%. (And it can be a pretty awesome trading day). But on average, it is 58%.So, as you can see, your trades are never equal. Now, let me ask you another crucial question.

What if you could use this fluctuation to your advantage?

What if you could trade different position sizes based on your actual probabilities of success?

That’s what this exclusive ‘Dynamic Position Sizing’ program is about! It will help you to discover: 

  • How to significantly boost trading performance while reducing drawdowns with a new, ground-breaking position sizing approach, 
  • How to implement an additional edge you were probably never aware of without sacrificing robustness of your existing strategies, 
  • How to use and implement this directly with the breakout strategies you're going to build with the Breakout Strategies Masterclass.  

Just to give you some idea - here’s an example directly from the ‘Dynamic Position Sizing’ course (after out-of-sample validation, as explained in the “Dynamic Position Sizing" program):

Can you see the amazing potential for your own trading?  

The program comes with:

  • 19 cutting-edge, proven ‘Dynamic Position Sizing’ techniques,
  • An exclusive fully opened ‘Dynamic Position Sizing’ Smart code,
  • 6 modules, 16 video lessons, taking you step by step from theory to implementation,  
  • 14 fully opened EasyLanguage Codes, all explained in detail by video,  
  • 5 practical custom DPS indicators (fully opened TradeStation codes),  
  • 7 backtest reports so you can see the results and compare before and after,  
  • 7 TradeStation workspaces with all the practical examples from the course.

Bonus #8: 'Automated Strategy Development for Busy Traders' course (997 USD Value)  

(*with ELITE package only)

With the Breakout Strategies Masterclass, you have a powerful process you can use to build robust and profitable breakout strategies. We've even included time-saving tools like the 'BOS SmartCode' and the super handy 'BOS Tool' to make the most labor-intensive steps quicker and easier.

In Breakout Masterclass coaching call #5, Andrew Swanscott shared how he's automated the entire Breakout Strategy Masterclass process from start to finish. 

This has enabled him to test and create a large number of breakout trading strategies in a short amount of time, literally while he's sleeping. 

We had so much interest from Breakout Masterclass students wanting to know how they can build their own fully automated strategy creation machines, that we decided to put together a training program called 'Automated Strategy Development for Busy Traders'

In this program Andrew shares exactly how you can implement full automation into your own strategy creation process, including:  

  • How to increase the speed of strategy creation using automation and the types of things you should consider,  
  • The building blocks you need to automate practically anything and the software I recommend to use, 
  • How to setup charts, attach strategies, run backtests and analyze backtest reports in TradeStation (and other trading platforms) automatically,  
  • How to link automation with Excel to easily control, manage and report on your strategy creation processes and results
  • Common challenges (and solutions) to implementing automation with TradeStation, Multicharts and other common trading applications,  
  • Practical tips and tricks to building a rock-solid automation engine that can run on its own for months without intervention,  
  • Plus, a whole lot more. 

Yes, that's up to $32,883 USD in value included in the program! Choose the right option for you:

Click below to order (you'll be directed to a secure page):

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Test it out risk-free to see how well it works for you

With our bullet-proof money back guarantee you don't need to risk anything! 

Tomas' breakout insights and experience have worked for many traders already. We know it can work for you too. 

That’s why we invite you to test drive the program 100% risk-free for 2 modules (the first 7 days). 

If after the first two modules you don’t feel like we’ve delivered on our promise, ask for a full and prompt refund.  

It’s that simple! 

The real question is this: 

Is it worth investing a few minutes of your time to check this out?

Even if it only does HALF of what we’ve claimed today, it will pay for itself as soon as you start implementing these techniques, so...  

...click the button below right now to join us in the Breakout Strategies Masterclass.  

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Here's what other students are saying:

"The Breakout Strategies Masterclass has without a doubt been a great investment for me already. I took the course in the second half of 2017 and my results have improved substantially... I’ve read literally hundreds of books and took many courses on the markets and most of them failed to teach me a robust way to trade... Thank you Tomas for another great course." Bruno, United States 

"I really like the Breakout Masterclass and it's a quite unique way of developing strategies." ​ Patrick Dütsch, Switzerland 

“Thanks everyone for all the tips, and big thanks to Tomas & Andrew for getting this info out. I cannot imagine how much time (and money) these courses have saved me. Up until this point I had assumed a 10-year optimization (with 20% OOS) followed by a SWFA was adequate robustness testing to start trading a strategy live.” 

Nathan, United States 

"I finished the masterclass in a few days. It is an excellent course and I wished I had that at the beginning of my trading adventure. I was impressed with how generous Tomas is with the know-how he passes on. I think anyone who trades mechanically will find lots of gems. Most of the traders don't have that level of automation and will be amazed to get a full methodology." Thomas, New Zealand 

"This course is quite informative. A step-by-step review of the process leads to live algorithmic trading strategies. I've been developing my own trading strategies now and this course gave me valuable insight and validation.This courses will cut down your learning curve dramatically, and it could have taken years for you to learn on your own. Thanks for an excellent experience, Tomas."Chang, Taiwan

"After I analyzed the work of so many traders for several years, I can count you as one of the handful of genuine traders and educators whose methods actually work." Raman, India 

"Thank you Tomas and Andrew. I appreciate your honest transparency and commitment to excellence. This speaks volumes to your market and will place you well above the rest!" ​ Phil, Australia 

"Tom's approach to Automated Trading Strategies design, tests of robustness and portfolio diversification is really unique. He has been a professional trader for many years and the depth of his understanding of Breakout strategies is hard to find elsewhere." Antonin Fisher, Czech Republic 

“Tomas, Andrew and their team put together a thought through, very well structured program. I can recommend this to anyone who wants to develop very robust strategies in many different markets.” 

Oliver, Germany